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Anvicare is an internet based healthcare transaction clearinghouse.

Anvicare processes medical claims (HCFA-1500) to payers that can accept claims electronically. For Payers that cannot accept claims electronically, Anvicare charges a nominal postage and handling fee to send claims to these payers via U.S. mail.

We also offer other transaction services such as Eligibility (270/271) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA 835).


What makes Anvicare a better claims clearinghouse solution? 

We often see a lack of flexibility in the design of the interface with a clearinghouse. Anvicare is scaled to handle a wide variety of customer needs.

Whether you submit a small number of claims or a large number of claims, you will receive a confirmation report within minutes of uploading your claim file acknowledging receipt of claims.  You can then check back with Anvicare within 24-48 hours to see if these claims are accepted by the payer or the next processing entity.

Our solution provides a text-readable report, showing claims accepted for further processing as well as claims that were rejected.  You can even correct the errors and resubmit the claims right on-line.

Claim transactions are initiated directly from billers through their billing system or practice management system. accepts the print image format, National Standard Format, vendor/clearinghouse formats, ANSI X12 or for additional fees any format that may need a custom translation.  We provide you with the tools to expedite your claims filing processes.

If you don't have a billing software, you can use our manual claim entry tool to create and submit claims with our website.

Eligibility inquiries are initiated via our on line easy to use entry screen with immediate real time responses saved for each inquiry and available on line and and in PDF format.

Electronic Remittance Advice is available in ANSI 835, HTML, and PDF formats.

Ready to save time and money?

Thousands of healthcare providers choose Anvicare for their claims processing and billing needs.

Anvicare provides tools and services to healthcare providers and other related entities, assisting in cost reduction and improving business.

Anvicare Inc.

8278 Bellaire Blvd
Suite A
Houston, TX 77036

Phone: 281-325-0208
Toll Free: 1-877-268-4676
Fax: 281-313-0925 

Our Payor List

You need a clearinghouse that's able to fit your needs. With our easily searchable Payor List, you can look up by Name or Payor ID.