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Privacy Policy

Anvicare Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) governing the collection and use of information gathered from you through (the “Site”). The Site is operated by Anvicare, Inc (“Anvicare”). By using our Site, including on behalf of the organization for which you are accessing the Site (the “Organization”), you are agreeing for yourself and your Organization to the terms of this Privacy Policy (and to the Site’s Terms of Use) which is incorporated by reference. Use of the term “you” herein shall mean you, the Organization or any users you authorize on the Site. Use of the term “us” or “we” herein shall mean the employees, agents or assigns of Anvicare Inc. Please review both of these documents before you use the Site to be sure you agree with them and our information collection and use practices.

How You Accept This Agreement
You agree to the terms of this Agreement by using our Site. If you do not agree to these terms, you may not use this Site.We may modify this Agreement at any time with or without notice, by posting it on our Site, and such modification will become effective immediately. You agree to review this Agreement from time to time.

Type of Information Collected and When It May Be Collected
Your Information. As you use the Site, we may gather information from you, including information by which you may be identified (“Personally Identifiable Information”). We may gather information from you if you voluntarily provide it through the Site, such as if you sign up to use Site services, including using an Organization-assigned user id, and if you e-mail us with information. Personally Identifiable Information we gather in these ways may include your name, Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or Social Security Number (SSN), e-mail address, address, telephone number, place of work, for example. We may also gather information from you and your use of the Site through use of Cookies, such as the nature of your use of the Site, your email address, your password, and information about your computer. Cookies are forms of technology through which a computer or server stores information, including on your computer or server, about you or your computer when you visit the Site. The Cookies enable the system to recognize the person or their computer when they return to the Site. You may be able to set your browser to disable some or all Cookies or to notify you when a Cookie is set.

Personal Health Information. A key function of the Site is to provide a technical communication system through which health care providers (through users acting on their behalf) may send and receive queries and information about their patients and potential patients to and from insurance companies, laboratories, pharmacies, and similar recipients and sources. The information exchanged includes personal health information by which individuals and patients may be identified (“Personal Health Information”). In providing this system, for purposes of this Privacy Policy, Anvicare does not consider its action of handling, transmitting, and/or ferrying of requests, information and responses as Anvicare’s use or disclosure of such information, as Anvicare in such capacity is merely providing a service to its users and is serving as the carrier of the information. However, all such communications and Personal Health Information exchanged through the Site may be stored by us (or our service providers for us) only as required by Law. By using this Site to send or receive any such Personal Health Information, you are acknowledging and confirming that you have secured any necessary permission to do so.

How We Use and Disclose the Information
We (and our agents or assigns) may use and disclose information we gather about you, including your Personally Identifiable Information: to operate the Site, to perform the functions and provide the goods and services you request, to improve, correct and maintain the Site, to facilitate and improve your experience on the Site, to contact you about the Site and new features and services available, and to provide the information to our service providers as needed in order for them to assist us with the operations of the Site, and as otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy.
With respect to communications including Personal Health Information exchanged through the Site’s services, these communications and the information may be stored by us or our service providers, on our behalf as required by Law.
With respect to any information gathered through the Site, including Personally Identifiable Information and Personal Health Information, we may unless prohibited by law: (A) aggregate this information so that individuals may not reasonably be identified and, once de-identified in this way, may use it and disclose it to others for any purpose; (B) share it with and transfer our rights in it to any successor entity to Anvicare, which entity would have the right to use and disclose the information as Anvicare did; and, (C) share it with our agents and/business partners for deployment and marketing to You of Anvicare products and services. In addition, unless prohibited by law, we may use and disclose this information, including Personally Identifiable Information and Personal Health Information: (W) if we believe that any law or regulation requires us to do so; (X) to respond to a subpoena or governmental request; (Y) as we deem advisable to protect our safety, rights, privacy or property, or that of others; and (Z) to enforce or respond to a possible violation of any law or regulation, this Privacy Policy or our Terms of Use.

Updates and Corrections, Access
If you register to use Site services, or provide us with your Personally Identifiable Information, we ask that you keep information we maintain about you and your Organization on our systems, such as your name, email address, and other contact information, complete and up to date. You may update and access this information by contacting us.

No Direct Marketing
We will not rent, sell or license your Personally Identifiable Information or Personal Health Information to others for their use in direct marketing to you. Notwithstanding the above, we may use and/ or disclose to our agents your Personally Identifiable Information to contact you about the Site as well as new features and services offered by Anvicare and our business partners.

Links to Other Sites and Services
From time to time, this Site may contain links to other sites. These other sites are not governed by this Privacy Policy and we caution you to review and make sure you are comfortable with any such site’s privacy policy before using the site or providing any information to its operators.

User Locations
This Site is intended to be used only by users located within the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii.

We will use reasonable security measures to protect the Site and information gathered from you through use of this Site, and at least those security measures required by law. However, we are not responsible for any breach of security or for the unauthorized use by others of your information.

Other Sources of Information About You
This Privacy Policy governs only information gathered from you through this Site. It does not govern information gathered from you through other means.

Monitor Your Use
Anvicare reserves the right to monitor your use of the Site at any time, without notice.

Google Analytics
In conjunction with the placement and use of Cookies mentioned in this Privacy Policy, Anvicare uses various analytics tools, including but not limited to, the Google Analytics Demographic and Interest Reporting feature, to gather information about you and your use of the Site. More specifically, Anvicare uses information summarized from such services as one component in making decisions to improve our ability to offer you services and our Site’s visitors’ experiences, including decisions on the selection and presentation of content, images, navigation cues and interactive media. If, at any time, you wish to opt out of Anvicare’s collection of your information through any of our analytics tools, you may visit this link to opt out.

Updates to Privacy Policy
We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time in our discretion. We will post a notice on the Site for at least thirty (30) days, providing a mechanism through which you may opt out of application of the revised Privacy Policy to your previously gathered Personally Identifiable Information, if applicable. With this mechanism you will be given a time frame (often 30 days) to exercise this opt out option. If you continue to use the Site after the effective date of the change, the revised Privacy Policy will apply to any information we thereafter gather from you through the Site. If you do not opt out with respect to previously gathered Personally Identifiable Information through the mechanism and in the time frame provided, then that information, and any additional information gathered from you through the Site after the effective date of the change, will also be governed by the revised Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions about this Site and its operations, please Contact Us.

Anvicare is Committed to Privacy of Patient Information. We Use Proven Information Security Safeguards
We employ safeguards designed to protect the confidentiality of each patient’s medical records, patient accounts, and clinical information from information systems.
We secure all protected health information, utilize progressive technology and enforce regulatory mandates to limit access to medical information systems for patient privacy.

We Ensure Patient Information is Protected and Secure
We protect the transfer of protected health information between approved submitters and receivers.

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