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Advantages of going electronic

Less paperwork, more efficiency

In 2013, the Coalition for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) found that the average manual claim cost providers $1.84 while the average electronic claim cost them only $0.28. Manual claims aren't just a hassle; they are likely costing you more than they should. 

Easier processing

Manual submissions require time-consuming phone calls, mailing, postage, and processing costs. In contrast, electronic submissions send nearly instantly, can be quickly and easily corrected of errors or missing information, and are much easier for payors to process.

With Anvicare, we'll give you the tools you need to make the switch. 

Ready to save time and money?

Thousands of healthcare providers choose Anvicare for their claims processing and billing needs.

Anvicare provides tools and services to healthcare providers and other related entities, assisting in cost reduction and improving business.

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Our Payor List

You need a clearinghouse that's able to fit your needs. With our easily searchable Payor List, you can look up by Name or Payor ID.