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Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

What is an ERA?

An Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) is an electronic form of your paper Explanation of Benefits. It provides justification for payments, adjustments, deductibles, and denials. Your ERA also identifies any additional actions that need to be taken including resubmitting incomplete or incorrect data.

What are the benefits of an ERA?

Similar to electronic claims benefits, ERAs reduce the time needed to send and process data as compared to Standard Paper Remittance Advices (SPRs). In addition, ERAs can help automate follow-up actions and can export data in either an easily readable format or a HIPAA-compliant X12N 835 format meant for electronic transfers. 

ERA reduces administrative tasks creating increased efficiency which means you can dedicate more time to patients and less time to paper. Data is instantly accessible, and available in both a readable format and ANSI 835 format. Many billing systems will allow you to post payments automatically, eliminating tedious and time consuming data entry. Visit our Links page to view additional services which complement your payment, deposit, data reporting, posting and paper EOB conversion needs 

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